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Love this bathroom design? Add your favorite bathroom furniture and accessories to your cart. We deliver them to you & help install.

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  • Jackie

    I have a small bathroom and with SB, organization has been made easier! Loving the tips that Grace shares on her Tiktok!

  • Antony

    I love the soap holder-it's my favorite. Fits perfectly in the bathroom, drains correctly so the soap doesn't sit in water and looks beautiful! Perfect and a great price!

  • Joyce

    Mine was a full bathroom renovation and the sanitary ware SB supplied just stands out! Form meets function!

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Let Us Clean & Decorate Your Bathroom

How We Can Help You

Say goodbye to bathroom cleaning and organization stress. Our unique cleaning and decorating services gives you peace of mind from start to finish.


  • Send us a photo of your bathroom and detail how you'd prefer your bathroom to look like.
  • Our representative will virtually meet you via video chat to learn more about your project and walk you through our process.
  • After learning about your goals, we prepare a quote for you.
  • We then supply your sanitaryware for any redecoration, or repairsWe also supply cleaning supplies for cleaning works.
  • Once your bathroom accessories have arrived, we complete the project: bathroom cleaning, bathroom organization, or bathroom repairs.

NOTE: This offer is for tenants in rental apartments and homes.

For new bathrooms and large construction projects, kindly see the packages we offer HERE.

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