Bathroom Improvement Services


Bathroom Cleaning, Decoration & Organization

How We Can Help You

Say goodbye to bathroom cleaning and organization stress. Our unique cleaning and decorating services gives you peace of mind from start to finish.


Looking to give the bathroom of your rental apartment or home a facelift without breaking the bank?

Here's how we go about it:

  • Send us a photo of your bathroom and detail how you'd prefer your bathroom to look like.
  • Our representative will virtually meet you via video chat to learn more about your project and walk you through our process.
  • After learning about your goals, we prepare a quote for you.
  • We then supply your sanitaryware for any redecoration, or repairsWe also supply cleaning supplies for cleaning works.
  • Once your bathroom accessories have arrived, we complete the project: bathroom cleaning, bathroom organization, or bathroom repairs.

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Bathroom Construction, Repairs & Remodeling

How We Can Help

If you're not sure how to plan the bathroom of your new home or how to remodel your bathroom, then you've come to the right place.


1. Get An Estimate

Contact us and our representative will schedule a call or meet-up with you.

Answer a few questions about your current bathroom and renovation goals so we can learn more about your project and prepare a detailed, all-inclusive estimate.

2. Design Work

After learning about your goals, we present your style preferences in 2D and 3D diagrams.

3. Permits & Approvals

We will craft each detail and provide construction-ready plans that your general contractor can use for permit applications and your bathroom installation.

NOTE: You can also work with our licensed contractors for your bathroom construction & remodeling. Just inform us at this stage.

4. Procurement

We then supply your sanitary ware and work with aproved suppliers for other construction materials.

We also manage replacements for any items that arrive broken or incorrect.

5. Construction

Once your sanitaryware and other materials have arrived, a fully licensed and vetted contractor will use your plans to complete construction.

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Sanitaryware Supply For Construction Projects

Your Full Sanitaryware Sourcing Solution

We are your procument partner for sanitary ware no matter the size of the project.


We offer a full sourcing solution for all sanitaryware items for your residential or commercial construction projects.


  • We prequalify suppliers according to your requirements, and carry out die dilligence on all suppliers ensuring the factory is verified and not involved in legal conflicts and has capacity.
  • We negotiate on your behalf: payment terms, pricing, trade delivery terms, and AQL levels.
  • We inspect your products for quality. At the beginning of sourcing, we review samples while reviewing mass production batches later.
  • We ensure product compliance according to Kenya's set laws.
  • We sign contracts to ensure you're fully covered legally
  • We take full responsibility for all logistics involved, including customs if importing sanitaryware.

NOTE: If you require any customization, we can actively develop the product together.

PLUS, we can provide installation services after supplying your sanitaryware. Just let us know!

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